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Dec 20-21, 2014
8pm-8pm GMT Catmas pawty for Tibbsy! #wlf

Meet some of the gang!

Meet some of the gang:

Mr Tibbs: Rescued by ‘the aunties’ after being hit by a car at the cemetery where he was living rough. He was very badly injured but pulled through an emergency operation, albeit without his beautiful tail. He was an especially wonderful cat, full of character and possibly the most loving, trusting, adoring and adorable cat ever. Tibbsy went over the Rainbow Bridge in September last year but his legacy lives on. He is and always will be, in our hearts and the spokescat for our rescue work.

Wolfie: Also came to us via ‘the aunties’. He was known as the ‘Beast of Newtown’ who was forever breaking into other cats’ houses and stealing their food, which resulted in many fights with resident cats. But what is a little 1yr old stray panfur lad supposed to do when he has no-one to look after him? He came to us and became very much part of our gang within a few days. Named by the #WLF comrades (WoLFie) he wears his green beret with pride. Sadly, due to a fast growing bone cancer, he became a tri-pawd but within days of his op was racing round the house, running up and down the stairs and, after he was allowed out a few weeks later, climbing 6ft fences! He is an amazing cat and very affectionate and loving.

Chloe & Fizzy Wizzy: Rescued by ‘the aunties’ from living on a railway embankment, 2yr old Chloe and her 1yr old baby Fizzy were very timid semi ferals. They spent a month under our sofa, but eventually decided we were ok and are now the softest, soppiest pair of tabbies ever. Fizzy was Mr Tibbs’s best friend in the world and he is also Wolfie’s best buddy. They are both completely and utterly adorable and love cuddles. They are also extremely good friends with all the other cats here.

Oscar (Ozzie da Floof): Arrived here via ‘the aunties’ having been found living under a birdbath after his family moved without him. He was a scrawny, undernourished 9or 10mth old, ravenously hungry but full of fun. He absolutely blossomed over the next few months and has become a stunning, immaculate panfur with never a hair out of place. He is extremely loving and affectionate and is very fond of the kittens and his best friends Buster & Missy, who were also abandoned by their family.

Mitchell & Domino: Saved from being pts at somewhere that ought to know better (known as ‘the usual place’) these 2 lovely boys were only a year old. In Mitch’s case we got to him just an hour or so before he was due to be ‘injected’. They are gorgeous cats, very loving and affectionate. Mitch, in particular, is the friendliest lad ever and is one of our ‘meet & greet cats’ and always goes out of his way to make newcomers feel welcome. Everyone loves Mitch. Domino is a very gentle and adorable mummy’s boy with the most amazing green eyes.

Sweet William: Moved to a new home with his family but kept returning to his old one. Eventually, they stopped bothering to collect him, which is their loss and very much our gain. He is an extremely sweet natured cat who became one of the gang straight away. A very happy, friendly ‘meet & greeter’ with great charm and character, he is adored by cats and staff alike (and by everyone who meets him).

Milo: A big, butch semi-feral previously known as ‘the Fire Escape Kitty’. Found living under a tarpaulin at the top of an outside fire escape he was brought to us by ‘the aunties’. He is a fearsome looking tuxie, with a big thick neck, strong shoulders and formidable claws. He quickly became a favourite uncle to the kittens Mimi, Fifi & Mishka, who were allowed to use him as a trampoline, swing on his ears and tail and generally run him ragged. He just adores them and can often be found with his arms wrapped around one or other of them even now. He is also the very best of friends with Mitch, William and Benno – all 4 of them are big lads with very big hearts and totally devoted to each other.

Mimi, Fifi, Mishka & Dora: Mimi & Fifi came to us from ‘the usual place’ having been saved from euthanasia when they were just 7 or 8 weeks old. 8 week old Mishka was found all alone in someone’s garden on a frosty November morning a few weeks later. They very quickly became absolutely inseparable and are collectively known as ‘The Skinny Minnies’. These three have been loved and adored by everyone since they first arrived and are very much part of the gang and a big part of the reason it all works so well. They are extremely sweet natured little girls and very affectionate with all the other cats and us too! A few months ago they were joined by 16 week old Dora, a feisty, adorable little madam who was quickly adopted by all the other cats and has become a fourth member of the kitten gang.

Hettie & Harvey: 9yr old Hettie and 6yr old Harvey arrived here the day before they were due to be pts because their family were’ tired of them’! We pretty soon discovered that they both needed extensive dental work and poor little Hettie has almost lost the sight in one eye due to a cataract. We are told that ‘a previous owner’ poisoned Hettie then relented and took her to a vet, who saved her life. It has left her with burnt vocal cords and a very strange meow, but hasn’t in any way affected her sweet and trusting nature. They are both very loving cats who will now stay with us forever and we promise that we will never, ever, get ‘tired of them’.

Sylvester: We have been leaving food out for Sylvester (and another feral we have called Gingie) for about 6 years. We think he used to live in the house behind ours – we don’t know if he went with his family when they moved and then found his way back or was left behind but, either way, he has been fending for himself for all that time. Totally unapproachable, hissing, spitting and growling at anyone who tried to get near, all we could do for him was ensure that there was food and water available and a feral den to sleep in (we have 2, neither of which he ever used). He would arrive daily, just before dusk and sit under the bushes waiting for food to be brought out. Once he had finished he would disappear until the next day. This was his daily routine until recently when everything changed. On impulse, as he bent to eat his food, I just quickly reached out and stroked his head with a finger, withdrawing it quickly as he hissed and spat in fury. The next day I did it again, and again the day after that. The following day, as I reached down to stroke him Sylvester pushed his head into my hand. We had a solid hour of love and fuss with much purring and many, many tears. Three days after that he moved in with us and has never looked back. He is an old boy, with very bad teeth (which we will get done after Christmas) and arthritic hips but he is adapting to life here amazingly well, watching all the comings and goings with interest from his special place on the sofa. He now has a home with us for the rest of his days. In all honesty, I don’t think he would have survived another cold winter outside. Gingie still comes several times every day for food and has taken up Sylvester’s waiting spot under the bushes in our front garden, we are pretty sure he uses one of the feral dens too! Will he make a home with us? Who knows - watch this space!

Foster cats awaiting forever homes:

Phoebe: Unable to go with her previous owner when she moved, Phoebe needs a loving indoor home. She has had her jabs, has been wormed, treated for fleas and will be neutered shortly. She is a very friendly, happy little girl and gets on well with other cats. She is 18mths old and has always been a house cat. Currently fostered in Birmingham but transport could possibly be arranged for the right home. Could she be the one for you?

The Norfolk Quartet – Ebony & Ivory, Melody & Harmony: They came to us after their family were made homeless as a result of mum breaking her hip and both legs in a nasty skiing accident. Dad’s business went to the wall whilst he struggled to look after her and their children during the long months of recovery. They lost the lovely old rural farmhouse they had lived in for years and ended up in rented accommodation where they were not allowed to keep their cats. Their family were absolutely heartbroken at having to give them up. These 4 tiny, precious little girls, 2 mums (sisfurs), 2 daughters are all completely devoted to each other. Often found in a huge cuddle pile, purring away softly and grooming each other. Aged 18mths - 2yrs. Neutered, up to date with flea and worm treatments and in good health. We are looking for one special home for these adorable kitties so they can stay together always.

Cleo & Leo: Hand reared from just a few days old, after their mother went over the Rainbow Bridge. They are now 7mths old, neutered, vacc’ed and up to date with flea & worm treatments. They are extremely adorable, loving friendly little cats and are a bonded pair. They came to us when the lady who reared them died recently. They need a very loving forever home where they can be cherished always.

Meggy: Meg’s owners were put into emergency accommodation and couldn’t take her with them. She had been their baby since she was a kitten. She is now 9 yrs old. A very loving, affectionate little girl who needs a home where she will be given time to settle and feel safe again. Neutered, in good health and up to date with flea & worm treatments.

Treacle: A very affectionate 2 – 3yr old lap cat who adores being made a big fuss of. She is an extremely loving little girl, a strikingly pretty dark tortie full of purrs. She will be a very faithful companion to someone who is prepared to share their heart and home with her. She needs a home of her own with a family who will love her as she deserves. Neutered, in good health and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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